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15 July 2009

Part 1: July 15, 2009 edition of "muse on everything down here"

elcome to '"July 15, 2009 edition of "muse on everything down here"'. This time too there was overwhelming response and I had to split the carnival edition into two parts. This is the first part. Enjoy browsing through various articles published my friends....

Welcome to the July 15, 2009 edition of muse on everything down here.

AdmirableIndia.com presents Trip to Tawang: Part 2: Cherrapunji posted at

Raphael Araujo presents
Raising Kids To Be Winners posted at
Kick Ass Living, saying, "Thanks!"

Jan Hendricks presents
Cooking by Broiling | Cooking by Roasting | Roasting Meat posted at
History of Cooking, saying, "Two conditions are necessary for good roasting - a clear bright fire and frequent basting. Next to boiling or stewing it is the most economical method of cooking. The meat at first should be placed close to a brisk fire for five minutes to coagulate the albumen. It should then be drawn back a short
distance and roasted slowly."

Victor Schultz presents St. Peters Basilica | Michaelangelos Pieta | Pictures of the Vatican City, Rome, Italy posted at St. Peters Square, Vatican City, saying, "As you enter St. Peter’s Basilica, it is hard not to be awestruck by its vast size and sheer beauty. For example, as you walk in you will see some very large statutes to the side. While beautiful in their own right, I mention them as a reference point on the incredible size of the interior space. If you look up you will see writing and numbers that are carved into the upper wall just below the ceiling. While this text appears to be relatively small to the unaided eye, in fact the those carved letters and as tall as the large statutes you see to the sides as you enter."

Jack Clifton presents Refinishing a Redwood Deck posted at
How to Build a Deck, saying, "The problem with having a planter in the middle of a deck is that it completely chopped up the space and made the deck far less useful than it otherwise might have been. A six foot by six foot planter almost in the center of an otherwise flat wood deck that was about 20 feet by 28 feet in overall dimensions was little short of idiotic, but I guess that everything is in the eye of the beholder."

Asheesh presents
Sagittarius Love Compatibility With All Signs posted at
My Free Horoscopes, saying, "The love compatibility of
Sagittarius with other signs."

Richard M. Rothschild presents The Top 14 Low Cost Taxable United States Bond Mutual Funds (Low Minimum Deposit) posted at Bond Market Index Funds, saying, "The top 14 low cost taxable US fixed income funds with a $10,000 or lower initial deposit. Low investment management fees are very important with fixed income funds. Simply put, if you pay higher bond mutual fund fees, then these bond management expenses tend just to be a deadweight loss to you. When you pay more in bond mutual fund fees, you are just wasting your money."

Michael presents
Eurodrugmart.com Blog, saying, "A Newfoundland woman 'of a certain age', Visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband's sex drive."

AdmirableIndia.com presents Bhilai to Raipur on bike: Chapter 3: Telibandha Talab, Raipur and Mahant Ghasi Das Memorial Museum, Raipur: Part 1 posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Ben presents Eight Ways to Beat Bad Customer Service posted at Money Smart Life.

Victoria Jenningspresents Using Social Media To Find A Job | Job Search FAQ posted at
Job Search, saying, "Facebook, Myspace, and other social media can be useful in finding a job."

One Language presents Learn English Articles » Blog Archive » English Grammar for ESL Students ?Common Grammatical Troublemakers posted at Learn English Articles, saying, "English is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn because it has so many exceptions to its own rules."

Vicky presents How to Save Money on Your Wedding Rings posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "For most people, the words "Las Vegas Wedding" conjure up images of eloping couples speeding through the desert to get married without anyone knowing, or weddings that aren't even remembered until a sobering realization the next morning."

Vicky presents
Save Money with a Las Vegas Wedding posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "For most people, the words "Las Vegas Wedding" conjure up images of eloping couples speeding through the desert to get married without anyone knowing, or weddings that aren't even remembered until a sobering realization the next morning."

America001 presents
Planning a Ski Vacation in Aspen posted at Traveling In America, saying, "Information about planning a ski trip to Aspen."

Gary R. presents How to Buy Hiking Boots posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Good quality hiking boots aren't cheap, but trust me - the expense is well worth it! If you're planning a major camping or hiking outing, the last thing you want is a pair of cheap boots that causes you injury or falls apart in the middle of your journey."

Gary R. presents Easy to Prepare Campsite Meals posted at Camping Tips, saying, "When you're packing up for your big camping trip, the last thing you want to do is to weigh down your car with all the extra pots, pans and kitchen utensils you'll need to prepare your favorite meals over the camp stove."

Gary R. presents Camping with Young Children posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Camping can be a lot of fun for younger children C however, you'll need to prepare differently than you would for a camping trip with your buddies."

Gary R. presents Basic Camping First Aid posted at
Camping Tips, saying, "Nothing ruins your camping trip like a brush with poison ivy, a pesky bee sting or other minor injury."

Gary R. presents Working at a Campground posted at
Camping Tips, saying, "So, you say you love camping so much you wish you could do it year round? Well, why not take a job working at a campground?"

Gary R. presents How to Build a Campfire posted at Camping Tips, saying, "You don't need a Boy Scout merit badge to build a roaring fire at your campsite - all you need are a few simple supplies and the following technique."

College Degrees presents Foreign Academic Credentials: Are they Equal to U.S. Degrees? posted at
The Degree People, saying, "If you earned academic credentials in another country, you will probably have to have your degree evaluated before getting an education or finding a job in the United States. Until all educational systems adopt a single degree-granting system, students and employees will need education evaluations to have their foreign education properly evaluated."

AdmirableIndia.com presents Bhilai to Raipur on bike: Chapter 3: Mahant Ghasi Das Memorial Museum, Raipur: Part 5 posted at

Ralph Sparkson presents Why I Love My Dog posted at Best Funny Dog Pictures, saying, "We got another dog about two years ago. It had been over ten years since our last dog, who died just before our daughter was born. With our new dog, we were lucky because our daughter has a small neighborhood business of caring for pets and that is how we found the dog we now love so much."

Ben Connor Barrie presents Chicken Buses posted at Grown Ass People, saying, "Musing on Guatemalan chicken buses."

Richard Ryan presents Message Magic posted at Message Magic.

nickel presents What Would You Do With a Windfall? posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Ella Moss presents 2 MORE LIGHTS « Zodiac Times posted at Zodiac

Victoria Jennings presents Successful Marriage - Divorce - Fairy Tale Marriage posted at How To Stay Married Happily Ever After, saying, "The divorce rate may be high, but many are still able to be happily married for the rest of their lives."

Britannica Blog presents
What Can Cognitive Psychology Do For Teachers? posted at
Britannica Blog, saying, "What, if anything, can knowledge gleaned from cognitive psychology do for classroom teachers? I have heard the gamut of opinions on this subject, from “Anyone who is not a teacher cannot tell teachers anything of value” to “Cognitive science is going to save American education.” (The former opinion was expressed by a teacher; the latter by a college president.)"

Phil B. presents Umbrellas, Umbrellas, Umbrellas « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "I finally figured out how many umbrellas each person needs. And the answer is a lot."

Cash Tree presents
Time No Longer an Excuse with Ten Minute Trainer posted at
Ten Minute Trainer, saying, "When we get in a rut of being unfit, we make excuses for our own behavior. We all do it and we rarely realize what we are doing. These excuses may seem totally valid when we are in the act of self-sabotage. Maybe we have a twinge of pain in our shoulder that we think should excuse us from exercise. More often than not, however, the excuse is lack of time. Ten Minute Trainer takes this excuse away from you and makes you take action."

Cash Tree presents P90X Success Requires Determination, Hard Work, and 90 Days posted at Ten Minute Trainer, saying, "If you have been considering the P90X program or have already purchased it and are wondering how you can get the most out of the program, you have come to the right place. P90X success is not easy to come by but the program
gives you back ten-fold for the effort you put into it. Never before has a home workout program been so dramatic and have such potential as P90X."

nickel presents Best Business Credit Cards: What?s Hot, What?s Not posted at

Cory presents Overview Of Yoga. Basics Of Yoga. | Eat Healthy, Live Healthy posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "The basics of yoga."

Courtney presents Healthy Hair Means A Healthy Internal Body posted at Female and Proud, saying, "Eating foods that are high in B vitamins are crucial to the development of healthy hair."

Mark Koester presents Hearing the (Un)Expected and Finding the (Un)Mistakable: Est-ce que tu m'entends? posted at The Mystic Atheist.

nickel presents Netflix vs. Blockbuster: Which is Best? posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Cory presents
Elecrolytes: What are they and are Electrolytes Important? posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "Everyone talks about electrolytes, but what are they?"

C. Anderson presents Should You Try Jenny Craig? | Losing Weight Feels Great posted at
Simplicity for Weight Loss Success, saying, "Jenny Craig is a popular weight loss program. Is it for you?"

Mikkal Travvis presents American Christians Approve Of Torture? posted at The Last Days.

Asheesh presents
Tarot FAQ - Tarot - Tarot Reading posted at My Free Horoscopes, saying, "Answers to common questions about tarot cards."

John Anyasor presents Going Out to Eat in College posted at Living the HiLife2B (in college), saying, "Here are a few tips to break out of the dining halls and into the awesome diners in your college town."

nickel presents How to Save Money on Car Insurance posted at fivecentnickel.com.


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