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25 February 2009

Eat to lose fat. Eat well to Stay Thin!

You hit gym everyday, yet your waist refuses to budge. Predominantly people believe that eating less, plus working out more is the magic formula to lose weight. However, it isn’t. If it was that easy the world would be prettier with everyone trim and slim. It isn’t cutting food, but eating more quality food along with proper exercise that is going to speed up fat loss.

Here are few tips that reveal the secrets behind the science of fat loss.

1. Eat first thing in the Morning.

Eat within one hour after you get up as it is at this time the body fixes the metabolism level for the day. If your body finds food in the stomach at this crucial hour, it sets the metabolic rate to match the amount of food residing in the stomach and pursues to sustain the rate until you hit the bed in the night. Simply put, greater metabolism means greater the fat burning capacity.

Consume high-quality proteins in combination with carbohydrates and healthy fat. Protein rebuilds your muscles, Carbohydrates provide energy for the day, and healthy fat that you ate triggers your body’s fat burning process as your body assumes that it can expect more fat through the day.

2. Eat every 3 Hours

Having a huge gap between meals would trigger Cortisol secretion, which results in converting muscle proteins to sugar, a process known as Muscle Wasting. Eating every 3 hours prevents muscle loss and hastens fat burning process as your body thinks that the fat can be burnt away comfortably as there is enough food being consumed for sustenance.

Here too, concentrate on consuming food that has greater amount of Protein, Carbohydrates and healthy Fat. The amount of food can depend on the intensity of the workout that you have planned for the evening.

3. Gulp Chocolate drink after your Workout

Chocolates??? Yes, Chocolates! Consuming chocolate drink immediately after workout ensures that your body gets fast-digesting carbohydrates for the muscles’ sugar need. Meanwhile, the fat storing process comes to halt. The sugar rushes only to your muscles and will not be stored. In addition, excess fat burning process is initiated to supply sugar to match body’s further requirement.

Go in for a liquid Protein meal topped with Chocolates to speed up absorption, aid in repairing and rebuilding the muscles for you. Go for some solid food after couple of hours after this meal.

A typical Diet Plan Could be:

8:30 AM
Poached egg with onion, cooked in olive oil and some tea.

09:30 AM
Apple with a piece of cheese

12:30 PM
Chicken and boiled vegetables

3:30 PM
Snack with cottage cheese with fruits


6:30 PM
One big glass of chocolate milk shake

9:00 PM
Chicken with vegetable, noodles and a salad.

This plan is just an example. You sure can mix and match other food varieties for your taste keeping the basic food plan structure intact.

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