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21 February 2009

Tips Raise and Train a Great Pooch!

You have a Pooch now and want to perfect the art of training it. Remember to be cautious while training a dog or a puppy yourself. The perils are many and could result in making a rowdy dog. Do a great amount of study before you get into the act.

In this article, I attempt to provide few effective tips to train a great Pooch. Enjoy the article and if you like it, kindly leave your esteemed comment on the blog and in addition subscribe to the blog’s RSS feeds.

Tip 1: Lead

Your dog basically expects leadership quality in you, better you give it. Be a leader, command with authority. Avoid being a woozy type.

Tip 2: I am the Master

Take a dominant role. Few insignificant mistakes that you make in your relationship with your dog would mean a lot in the dog’s training regime. Usually you would give a damn to these behaviors, however you should realize that it would create a drastic effect on your dog’s perception of you. Take for an example when stepping out, if you let your dog first through the door, you be sure that you have made the first mistake in bringing up your dog. You have put yourself down in your dog’s regard. Moving ahead, while taking your dogs out for walk try to keep up with it. Never let the dog dash. Treat him with food only if the dog abstains from dashing across.

During meals, better you eat first then feed the Pooch. Never degrade yourself by placing the food first to the pet. Though these actions seem to be harsh, however are credible methods to train the dog. Remember, these techniques build your dog psychologically and you would get used to it soon.

Tip 2: Pay. Don’t simply treat

Never provide treats without your dog doing something extraordinary. Providing free food regularly would confuse the Pooch and would make him sluggish. Make the dog at the least sit before giving it anything.

Attempt to correct mistakes frequently without waiting for something to go wrong. Never stop using the commands regularly, else you would loose ground on taking control of your dog.

Tip 3: Be a Kind Master

Being authoritative doesn’t mean you need to be harsh to your dog. Dominance is not instilling fear, but earning respect and loyalty. Try to correct unacceptable behaviors with firm voice, straight at the face of your Pooch. Avoid violence at all terms. Don’t throw things at your dog. It’s highly detrimental. To acquire proper attention use single word commands.

Try providing hugs to your dog before it asks. This way you will be the one to start pamper-me game, not your dog.

Follow these simple rules and you will have a loyal Pooch.

Good Luck.

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