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04 February 2009

Signs, Types of Skin Cancer. How to protect yourself Tips?

Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all cancer types in the world today. The environmental degradation caused by excessive pollution has split the Ozone protective layer wide open, thus allowing harmful UV rays to reach the surface of the Earth. Being exposed to UV radiation can cause skin cancer. There are 3 types of skin cancer, of which some are terminal leading to death. Thousands of people die of skin cancer in the world everyday, yet people are negligent to skin cancer and methods to avoid it. People frequently exposed to Sun for longer durations have highest risk of getting skin cancer. Read on to know more on skin cancers and way to protect yourself from them in the first case.

Of the 3 types of skin cancers, one of them is highly risky. I have listed them from 1 to 3, in ascending order of their deadliness, below:

Skin Cancer Types:
1. Basal cell skin cancer
2. Squamous cell skin cancer
3. Melanoma skin cancer

Let us try to understand each one of them,

Basal cell skin cancer :
Basal Cell Skin is the most common of all the cancers and is curable. It doesn’t propagate to the other areas of the skin and is curable without trace. However, if it goes untreated for long, it could be terminal resulting in the death of the patient. Early deduction and treatment is a priority for a cure. Approach a doctor when you locate scaly areas on your skin, it could be the onset of Basal Cell Cancer. The doctor is expected to prescribe skin creams as a treatment.

Squamous cell cancer :
Once again, this is treatable, however dangerous than the former for the fact that it has tendency to spread all over the body in certain conditions. Approach a doctor immediately in case you identify some kind of infection on the skin. A early treatment is vital to control and cure this type of cancer.

Melanoma :
This is the most dangerous of the three. Melanoma is found to appear beside or on the mole and could spread across the body rapidly, resulting in death of the person. It’s high priority that you consult a doctor immediately if you identify irregular borders or multiple colors on the mole.

“ABCD” guidelines to identify the cancer is:

A is for Asymmetry--one part of the mole is different from the other.
B is for Border irregularity--mole has irregular borders.
C is for Color variations--multiple colors on the mole.
D is for Diameter--larger than a pencil eraser.

“Simple Rules” to protect yourself from Sun to avoid skin cancer:

  • Understand the long-term effects of the Sun. Avoid outdoor activities if possible. However, it doesn’t mean that you turn into a couch potato, it's even worse :-)

  • Wear cloths that are light yet cover most of the exposed skin.

  • Wear a Sun Screen if you expect to stay outdoor for a long period. Higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in your Sun screen, longer can you stay in the Sun.

  • Follow this simple rules to prevent skin cancer from getting at you.

    All the Best for Good Health!

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