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07 February 2009

Use Twitter tweet to increase traffic to my Blog!

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How to use twitter to promote my blog and bring more traffic? Is this the question in your mind? Do you know twitter is gaining popularity and it’s expanding in an unimaginable proportion? It’s a wonderful tool to stay in touch with family, friends and to build new contacts. There is one more feature on twitter that is overlooked, the facility to promote your blog! Twitter is getting more popular and if you are not clever, you would miss a great opportunity to use twitter to drive more traffic to your blog or site. Here are few tips on how you can use twitter, read on.

Tweet Posts:

Promote any new post by twitting it. Fresh posts tend to bring tons of traffic from twitter. Have the twitter plugin tools ready on your blog for twitting automatically. You can have twittthis button on every post page on your website as a comfort for you and your blog visitors to tweet. Take a look at the button at the bottom of my post to see how it looks.

However, hold restraint in submitting too many of your blog posts to twitter, else your site might get banned as being a spammer and you would end up demolishing the follower base you built on twitter so long. My suggestion to you would be to post at the most one post per week, and it’s even better if you can hold a huge gap between tweets to the twitter. Meanwhile, become a part of the twitter community and tweet anything that is interesting apart from the posts from your own blog. Remember, in this fashion you have your account safe and going with the huge followers base.

Get Noticed on Twitter via Background.

Customize your twitter profile’s background to provide more information on yourself, your blog and lot of other things that would interest the twitters to visit your blog. Providing more information would give credibility to your blog and would make the visitors to take a peek into your blog. Place your blog link, description, etc; on a image and use it as a twitter background.

Link blog on twitter.

Twitter allows you to place a hyperlink to your blog on it. So go ahead and make use of it to link your blog or website. Try creating a brand for your blog on the profile, making it look more professional. Placing a logo of your blog on the background is one, and there are many more that you can do on your twitter profile.

Get the Blog Visitor to tweet.

As I mentioned earlier you can place a twitthis button on every post, either at the top or at the bottom of your blog post for your visitors to tweet it. Remember, your blog post buys recognition if more twitter users tweet your blog posts, twitthis is very popular for this purpose.

So run get your twitter account, which is free, and start tweeting.

Few links for you. The first one, you can use to get a twitter button for your blog. Other one is for you to go and register on twitter for free.

All the best for your blog’s success!

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thanks for your advice by using twitter to increase traffic..

Let see and it work...


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