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29 January 2009

Bahamas Hotels and Price List!

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The Bahamas doesn’t need any introduction, I am pretty sure that everybody would be aware of it. The Bahamas are group of beautiful Islands in the Caribbean, hot destination for tourists. Vacationers have been invading ever since it was discovered. The Bahamas has world-class hospitality industry that can cater to the wide spectrum of vacationer’s demands. There are tons of hotels around, however few are mentionable for unique features like, cheap, service, view, offers, tours, support, pleasure, business facilities and entertainment. If Bahamas is on your vacation plan this summer, then consider the hotels I have described below.

1. Nassau Hilton:

Nassau Hilton beside a wonderful private beach, is round the corner from the shopping district. It's luxurious, offering the guests world-class facilities encompassing the crest of comforts. The Nassau Hilton is just 25 minutes away from the Nassau Airport and the hotel arranges a free transport to the airport. Price: $150 to $375 per night.

Whether it’s just walking around with your partner or relaxing on the beach or just lying around, stay at Nassau Hilton can fulfill it.

2. Hotel Riu Paradise:

Hotel Riu Paradise is a 5 star hotel situated on a huge white beach. It features beautifully decorated rooms with eye-catching sea views. Rooms are equipped with world-class private bar loaded with liquor and famous wine varieties from around the world. You can drown yourself in the drinks and later hit the hotel restaurant for exotic seafood and then probably stroll down to the nearby casino to try you luck. The Hotel Riu will cost between $300-$550 per night.

If you are ready to sell out little bit more on this hotel, I promise it’s the best decision; the Hotel Riu Paradise is worth it.

3. Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino:

Forget and enjoy relaxing in huge rooms and suites or dwell upon the thought to explore this tropical paradise the next day. The suites come with private balconies that provide awesome view of the bright blue sea. The facilities include a TV, mini bar, voice mail and an Internet data port. The room service is prompt and is available 24 hours a day.

4. British Colonial Hilton Nassau:

This is a restored hotel from British Colonial period and is a popular resort among the tourists. The British Colonial Hilton, apart from proving world-class service, features bars, private beach, and pool. Apart from this, it has a Spa where you can relax, rejunuvate and refresh the whole day. The hotel rents car to the guests, which is unique.

5. Gum Elemi Paradise Island:

This hotel is tiny yet charming. Relax in comfort and tranquility at this wonderful island retreat. The hotel does provide spectacular packages and discounts. All major credit cards are accepted.

6. Orange Hill Beach Inn:

Is a 4 star hotel and is quite relaxed. Beach is close by, if you would like to take a look. The rooms are air-conditioned, contains private bath and TV too. You can expect continental breakfast on a Saturday and Sunday.

7. Sheraton Cable Beach Resort:

This resort is nestled on 1,000 foot white sand beach. Besides the usual ones, there are facilities for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and exciting water sports. The Resort will charge any where from $275 to $400 per night.

8. Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach:

This beach resort is just 20 minutes from the airport and is on 1200 feet of spectacular beach on the south coast of Grand Bahamas Island. The Resort will charge any where from $275 to $500 per night.


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