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06 January 2009

Stay Slim Stop Food Cravings Tips

If you keep walking to the fridge again and again for a sugary treat, then you are in need of few tips to curb this urge to bloat.

1. Remember, the cravings last only for about 10 minutes and will drop after a while. Don’t confuse cravings with hunger. Cravings are not in your stomach, but is in your brain. It’s actually your body’s signal for more water and oxygen which most of us mistake for hunger and consequently invade the fridge. Instead, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, drink a glass of water preferably with lime for some energy and relax with your eyes closed for some time to drive the craving away.

In addition, you can clear your mind by going for a walk, taking a cold shower, or even calling a friend.

2. Experts suggest that every time you feel like eating something, you rate your hunger on scale of 1 to 10. Succumb to the cravings only if your hunger is at 9 or 10. However, avoid over do it. See to that the calorie per craving is just 150 calories. This is an acceptable limit so enjoy!

3. Consume food that is rich in Tryptophan. Tryptophan is an Amino Acid that your body engages to produce feel-good brain chemical Serotonin. By nature our body drives us to sugary treats whenever we are down resulting in lifting our spirit. If you consume food rich in Tryptophan, your body can reload Serotonin, thus stopping you from jumping at food. The food like, turkey, banana, milk, pineapple, chicken, whey protein, yogurt are good source of Tryptophan.

4. Experts suggest that you brush your teeth to prevent food cravings. A fresh mouth drives the cravings away, it seems. I am not sure if I can agree. In my experience, I have felt even more hungrier after brushing the teeth. Nevertheless, since it’s a point made by the experts it may be true. And, I could be the odd man on whom the experts might have to conduct an experiment to find why I am different.

These are few basic tips to prevent food cravings.

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