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08 January 2009

Want a Cheap Divorce? Cheap Divorce 9 Tips!

At last, you decided to go for a divorce and have prepared yourself emotionally for the final shot. Most of the couples, undergoing divorce, sort things out themselves like finance, property, and custody. However, at some point of time, during the complex situations lawyer’s help should be sought. The lawyers’ fees are alarmingly high, thus making the divorce an expensive process, yet there is no indication of slowing down. The statistics report state that there will be an increase of 45% over the number of divorces currently in the year ahead.

Though, I wouldn’t be able to provide you an emotional support, I here in this article plan to provide 9 best tips to speed up the divorce process, meanwhile keeping the divorce costs low.

1. Locate the Right Lawyer.
This is an important step in any divorce. Best way to find a good one is to do some research, talk to your friends and take references from them. First impression is the best impression, so be equipped for the first meet with the lawyer. It makes all the difference.

2. Organize your stuffs.
Do some homework to help your lawyer save time. Attempt collecting documents such as birth certificates, contracts, income tax statements, and credit card statements, and have them ready before you visit your lawyer. Also do create an expenses statement to help your lawyer to prepare the case effectively.

3. Understand the Cost.
In an average, as a best case, divorce expense could be somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000, and the process can drag on for 2 years or more. As a worst case, it might extend over 5 years in some trials. Remember, it could be just $1,000 to $2,000 for an uncontested trial where the clients decide not to go for a full fledged trial. All of this boils down to a simple rule; it costs more if the trial is long!

4. Equip for surprise cost.
There could be hidden costs that the law firm can charge for the background works like collecting evidences, records from doctor and court activities which it undertakes during the divorce. So be prepared for this. If the divorce involves children then there is certainly few more hidden costs. I suggest you speak to your lawyer regarding these hidden costs to have some insight into what you can expect during the divorce.

5. Bear in mind, your Investments.
In case you have stocks or business as joint assets, then remember that these will be frozen during the divorce process and there is a risk of them being depleted. Talk to your lawyer early to get some knowledge on how the divorce would affect your assets.

6. Be Reasonable.
Lawyers confirm that when the couples are reasonable enough, without emotion, there by keeping the case out of court, the process moves significantly fast. A simple $10, 000 as lawyers’ fees could be $60,000 if the couple let emotion creep into them and decide to settle in court.

7. Reflect on Mediation.
When a neutral, specially trained third party is involved to help you arrive at an agreement, it’s called Mediation. Here, both the parties will be listened to and suggestions will be provided. Lawyers themselves suggest couples to go in for mediation before going in for a full-fledged legal battle. This could minimize the legal cost for both the parties.

8. Consider Alternatives.
Plan to go in for Divorce Solution firms that work individually with the couples to resolve all the issues before the law firm chip in to complete the final paperwork. The company may charge somewhere around $6,000.

9. Obtain Prenuptial Agreement.
To know regarding this visit, Prenuptial Agreement. Do I Need One?

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Anonymous said...

"Locate the Right Layer."

Are we talking chickens, here?
LOL!!! I'm a horrible speller too! Maybe locate a good spell checker!

Thanks for the bogs, Vikram!
Have a great day! P

Vikram said...

Ooops! Thanks a lot for letting me know. I hope, in future they will build more intelligence into spellcheckers. :-)

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