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12 January 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Review. Wins Four Golden Globe!

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Slumdog Millionaire has won leading four Golden Globe Awards today. It’s a great achievement for the underestimated movie. Even it’s own creators never believed that this movie, which is a story of a boy from a slum in India, who becomes rich by winning in a reality show, will be such a hit. It impressed me so much that I thought I would write an article on it.

Slumdog millionaire has won, best dramatic picture, director, screenplay and score in the Sunday Night’s Golden Globe Awards.

This low budge film lost it’s American distributor early last year and in the later half was taken over by Fox Searchlight with Warner Brothers sharing the cost.

Slumdog millionaire is a story of Jamal Malik, an orphan from the slums of Mumbai in India. At 18, Jamal somehow gets a chance of his lifetime, to participate in a reality show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” and wins unimaginable 20 million rupees. However, he is arrested by police on suspicion that he could have cheated as they couldn’t chew on the fact that this poor street kid could have so much knowledge. Innocent, Jamal narrates the story of him and his brother in the slum, his life, his adventure, his love Latika, whom he loved and lost to the police. Each episode in Jamal life story reveals the secrets of where and how he gained this knowledge to answer the impossible quizzes.

Finally the day comes when Jamal returns to answer the final question on why a kid with no desire for money is on a game show to win it. The climax is ultimate and moves the heart and mind of the audience revealing the intricate secret of how one comprehends and learns from love and life.

Though there were other winners in the Golden Globe, few could deny that the Slumdog Millionaire is the favorite

A must watch for everyone. Inspirational Movie!

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