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20 January 2009

Lose Weight Quickly After Having a Baby- Effective Tips

Congratulations, New Mum! So, your bundle of joy is home and you are juggling between lot of chores to take care of the baby. However, this joy seems to be overshadowed by anguish that your body is out of shape after the pregnancy. I am sure that you are looking at your sagging belly, big fat thighs, and concluding that you need to embark on a weight loss program immediately. New mums mostly complain that, before pregnancy they used to have perfect 10 figure and would like to bounce back to it as soon as possible. Therefore, here are few tips that you can keep in mind before charting a plan to lose baby fat or pregnancy fat.

1. Even though, workouts like aerobics and weight training are the proven and tested methods to lose weight gained during pregnancy, you can however opt for a easier one like Yoga, which has results and is inspirational too.

2. Initially you should avoid going in for strenuous workouts as your body’s energy level is at all time low. Go for low conditioning workouts only, for some time. Do simple stretches to allow the body to recuperate before settling down for heavier workouts or strenuous yoga.

3. It is recommended that, women can begin workouts or yoga after 2 months from the day of normal delivery. However, if the delivery was a C-section then a wait period of 3 months is inevitable before they can start.

4. To shed extra weight engage in some aerobic acitivities like jogging, swimming, brisk walking, biking to elevate your heart rate and hasten fat loss. Remember to take permission from your doctor before opting for aerobics.

5. In case you are still breastfeeding, exercise when your breasts are not full of milk. Wear a sports bra for comfort over the nursing bra.

6. Weigh yourself at least once a week to keep tab on the fat loss. However, avoid weighing frequently to keep the “I May Fail Factor” hitting your mind.

7. Increase the duration of the exercise gradually. Slow down if your vaginal flow increases or turns pink. Keep a watch for this sign.

8. Don’t, at any cost, go in for dieting at this period. You need all the nutrition to recuperate from the effects of pregnancy and to keep breastfeeding your baby. You would rather end up injuring your health by going in for some kind dieting at this crucial stage.

9. Applaud yourself for the small gains that you make in losing the weight to keep the enthusiasm up and going.

Whatever the reason, mums today want to get back into shape, which is a good sign. However, intentionally trying to get the weight down fast, few mums tend to toss their health completely, which could result in irreversible damage to the body. My advice to you would be to take the workouts slow and gradually.All the best! Reach me at vik_grt@yahoo.com.

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